Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ajisen tonkatsu ramen

In the middle of my getting lost in Melbourne (partly because I was looking for this restaurant called Yamato, which I finally found but was still closed, partly because I was navigationally-challenged), I stumbled upon an Ajisen Ramen restaurant. The restaurant was quite clean with a dim-lighted, modern type of ambiance, which to me didn't match with them being a fast-food chain and all.

Tonkatsu ramen - $12.50
Side of paiku (1 slice) - $1.50
Hot green tea - $1.50

I ordered the tonkatsu ramen with a side of paiku, but found it to be an inferior version of what it could be. The crumbed pork were these dry thin slices of pork, which neither satisfy nor appetising. The dish was over-run by cabbage, there was probably more cabbage in there than any of the other ingredients. The noodle was also not what I expected ramen to be, opaque, not translucent. The only saving grace was the side of paiku, which eventhough it was dry and weird looking, it was quite tasty. One last blow to me was that hot tea was not free, but I guess that was me asking for too much (I am used to having free hot tea in most Japanese restaurants I go to). Ajisen Ramen proved to me to be a second class impersonation of Japanese food. My search continued.

Ajisen Ramen on Urbanspoon
Ajisen Ramen
130 Bourke St
Melbourne VIC
Open 7 days 12pm-9.30pm

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