There's plenty of times when I find myself struggling to find a certain ingredient I cannot omit from a recipe, because that ingredient is what makes the dish. Once, I went to 9 asian grocery stores just to find one ingredient.

Here's my incomplete list of asian groceries in Perth, WA. I hope you'll find it useful.

asian groceries

- McQ Supermarket Wholesale (inside Coventry Square Markets, 243-253 Walter Rd W, Morley)
I do most of my asian (chinese, korean, japanese) grocery here these days. A bright and fairly large shop, more like an asian supermarket really. This is where I get all my tofu, my favourite brands of frozen pork meatballs, fresh bamboo shoots, new crop golden deer jasmine rice, nori, kombu, kewpie mayo, miyeok, gochujang, gochugaru, etc. Most importantly, they stock my favourite brand of kimchi "Fresh Perth Kimchi" produced in Myaree, WA. Although I haven't tried it, they also stock Chongga kimchi that is exported directly from Korea. The good thing about shopping here is, parking is free!

Loi's Eastern Supermart (125 Barrack St, Perth)
This shop used to be my go-to shop before I found McQ (see above entry). Along with a reasonable stock of southeast asian food, they also stock japanese and korean food as well. But, don't forget to look at the expiry dates! This is the only place thusfar where I can find aonori. They also stock few types of takoyaki and okonomiyaki flour mix.

- Emma's Seafood Yong Tau Foo (319 William St, Northbridge)
To find all of your steamboat needs, tofu, chikuwa, fish ball, crab stick, etc. Whatever your hot pot requires, Emma's would have them. They also stock a slightly more diverse range of asian food than Loi's, though price is not as competitive.

- Kong's Oriental Supermarket (425 William St, Northbridge)
The place to stock up on your nongshim shin ramyun instant noodle, can't beat the price. It also has a good variety of asian food. It's located more towards the North of Northbridge, the quieter end.

- Lucky Import & Export (112 Brisbane St, Perth)
If you're looking for frozen pandan leaves, you can find it here. It's also the only place I find that stocks terang bulan (sweet martabak) instant mix. Though I miss the real thing so much.

korean groceries

- Hi Mart (133 Barrack St, Perth)
If you want to find a more specialised korean grocery, then it's time to move on to Hi Mart, conveniently located a few steps from Loi's. They're more expensive than Loi's, but they almost exclusively sell korean stuff. This is another place that stocks kombu and "Fresh Perth Kimchi".

- Seoul Mart (544 Hay St, Perth)
The entrance to the shop is at Pier St, around the corner. Another place where I find kombu, but like Hi Mart, it's not always stocked with it. Kombu is really hard to find, for some reason. They also stock Fresh Perth Kimchi.
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