Tuesday, February 23, 2010

glory box dark chocolate & pistachio scrummo

I have neglected my blogging duties, but I have allowed myself to have this as I have been quite busy with the commotion of my wedding. That's right folks, you are now reading the blog of a married woman!

Anyways, my sister and I found this quite accidentally. We drove along our usual neighbourhood road and noticed that our local town was having a cappuccino festival. Not sure what a cappucino festival is exactly, but it gave us a distraction to an otherwise quite a boring afternoon.

One of the stalls was this cake shop called the Glory Box. They had this small cylindrical tubes of cake, not unlike muffins, but more tall and thin. I found out that they also do this as a wedding cake, so instead of having one big cake, they'd do small portions of cake baked individually and then arrange them to shape like a cake. Pretty ingenious really, because the cake tasted better, the dark chocolate was so good and each individual cake was crusty on the outside just like it should if it was individually baked.

1. The band on the festival
2. The Glory Box stall
3. Dark chocolate & macadamia scrummos
4. Dark chocolate & pistachio scrummo

Kudos to the concept! Don't know why nobody thought about it before.

Glory Box
358 Charles St
North Perth WA
Open Monday-Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 10am-3pm

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