Thursday, February 25, 2010

work food

Where I work, we are given free food because we work exorbitantly long hours and our employer knows that we cannot possibly find the time to cook for ourselves after work.

During my time there, I found that the number one thing that my colleagues like to whinge about is the quality of food. Remarks such as "You know why it tastes good? Because frying chips is the one thing they can't possibly f#@%ed" or "Maybe they should get a cooking lesson in how to grill steaks, it's bloody burnt and not cooked at all" or some other remarks which I won't write here in fear of getting myself horribly sued.

1. Blueberry muffin
2. Arnott's butternut snap & farmbake choc chip
3. Pad thai & lamb navarin
4. Toast with butter & strawberry jam

But, why I am writing is not to reinforce this, it's actually quite the opposite. Every time I hear them complain, I would say, "I really don't know why you blokes don't like the food. I mean it's not 5-star restaurant food, but it's edible" or somewhere along the lines of "It fills me up" and "It tastes good to me". To which I get the reply of "Well, then you should really try the {insert name of food they're complaining about here}.

Honestly, I never found the food to taste bad, maybe I just don't have such a high standard as my colleagues do. Sure sometimes the food can be off to me. Like, I can't stand how they do their roast lamb or scalloped potatoes. But I think that's just a matter of tastes.

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