Wednesday, March 17, 2010

crêpes sucrées

crêpe avec nutella - €2.50

In Paris, everywhere, and I do mean everywhere, there are numerous crêperies to be seen, especially in the touristy places like Montmartre. The French must have known that we tourists are such fools for novelties. I mean what kind of street snack would we eat in France if not crêpes. It can be made in a jiffy, it warms you up in a cold day and it won't fill you up.

From my tone you may deduce that I am a bit bitter about this whole crêpes thing. Well, you're right. I mean, these crêperies would only have to have the crêpes' batter, then either sugar, nutella and/or bananas. You know how much they charge for a piece of nutella crêpe, €2.50, that's AU$3.70 (current exchange rate) and that's considered cheap because we were in China Town (4e arrondissement).

In other places like Montmartre, you'd have to pay at least €3-5 for a nutella crêpe. With AU$7, I could have gotten a really filling meal. But when you're a tourist, you won't care about a few euros here and there.

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