Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ladurée macarons

Someone once told me that macarons are Les incontournables des Paris (english: Paris must-haves). It's dainty, it's colourful, it's like eating art. And no other place in Paris more famous for its macarons than Ladurée.

Ladurée is more like an institution than a simple macaron shop. As I was opening the door to the Champs-Élysées branch, I was greeted by a long queue at the counter. I was really tempted to just turn right to the restaurant and warm myself from the bitter cold I have just escaped from. Second option was to relax at the bar towards the back of the building. But, I was there to buy the macarons, get out and move on with the day. So, I queued.

The sales assistants were wearing lovely black & white french maid outfits, they were brisk, efficient, and one was particularly particular about not taking pictures of the macarons & cakes (why??!!!).

I bought the bitter chocolate, vanilla, apple and chestnuts macarons, which were wrapped in these cute pale green box & grab bag. They were all so creamy and light that I ate them guilt-free. If I have to pick, I'd say that I like the chestnuts flavour best. Fabuleux!

Box of 8 macarons - €9.50

74 ave des Champs-Élysées
8e arrondissement, Île-de-France
Open 7 days 7.30am-11pm

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