Wednesday, March 10, 2010

may fa poulet sauté sel & poivre

Another cheap eats near our apartment was at this Chinese restaurant, we found quite accidentally really. We were starving at lunch time and were walking back to our apartment. Just few metres from the apartment, I saw these huge fried prawns on display.

The crevettes sautées sel & poivre (english: prawns sauteed with salt & pepper) ended up quite bland actually, they were huge, but bland. But the poulet sauté sel & poivre (english: chicken sauteed with salt & pepper) was crisp, with a hint of sweet & quite delicious, although I should say that I couldn't taste the pepper. I wished I read the labels more carefully though, so we wouldn't order virtually the same thing. Anyways, no complaint, it was reasonably priced and it was so close to our apartment that we got take-away rice a couple of times. The riz cantonnais (english: cantonese fried rice) was 1.20 per 100g.

Poulet sauté sel & poivre - 2.20 / 100g

Crevettes sautées sel & poivre - 4.80 / 100g

May Fa
18 Rue Lepic
18e arrondissement
, Île-de-France

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