Tuesday, June 8, 2010

chako bbq

After our first failed attempt at having the all-you-can-eat barbecue at Chako, we made sure that this time we came in early and arrived just before their lunch hour opening time. It's actually pretty great coming so early, food arrived in a matter of minutes, the waitperson was attentive and not frantic.

We ordered everything in the menu in our first order, then the second and subsequent orders we only got things that we liked. I liked the pork short ribs, whereas my husband liked the beef. The meats came marinated, but somehow the marinade of one dish was a bit similar in taste to another. So, it was a bit monotone on the palate.

The vegetables were fresh, it was not wilted or old. The fish were also fresh, they did not have the signature fishy smell old fish have. We had green tea ice cream and mango ice cream for dessert, which were what we just needed to refresh our palates.
All you can eat lunch - $10.99 per person

If I spoke too much about freshness, it is because I am most sceptical of all-you-can-eats due to the numerous unwanted trips to the bathroom that I have to make on a lot of the times that I have eaten in one. The reason for this being most would buy the produce in bulk and without good turnover, the food would be stored longer than it was meant to be and then served to the customer past its use-by-date. I don't think Chako has this same problem.

All-you-can-eats are wasted on us. We are such light-weights that we could not go past the fourth order. And we were only there for an hour, if not less. We discussed that fact at the time and were thinking that we should have brought someone with bigger appetite just so that we wouldn't feel so guilty about not exploiting it to the fullest extent. We did, however, agree that for lunch, it was pretty good value for the money.

Chako Barbeque Izakaya on Urbanspoon
Chako Barbeque Izakaya
163 York Blvd
Richmond Hill, ON
Open Monday-Thursday 11.30am-3pm & 5.30pm-1am, Friday-Sunday 11.30am-3pm & 5pm-1am

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  1. wow I'm drooling alreadyyy...... Barbeque is just the best.


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