Wednesday, February 23, 2011

poppies passionfruit cheesecake

Whenever I go to a restaurant, cafe, pub that serves bad food, I'd always wonder how such a place can survive. Could it be that they used to serve good food, but over the years they couldn't keep up their standard? Could it be that the early customers are so loyal that they just kept going back? I don't know.

With a name like Poppies Cake Shop & Cafe, you'd expect they'd serve great cakes, but sadly this was not so. This was where I caught up with Dave one afternoon, days before he was about to leave for his big adventure in Bulgaria. I ordered the passionfruit cheesecake, Dave got some apricot crumble and a cup of coffee.

As we chatted away about his impending departure, I concentrated on my cheesecake. I wanted to cry as I savoured the spoonful of cheesecake - not of happiness, but of outrage. How can they desecrate what's supposed to be a great cheesecake? The body of cheese was soft and mild, the coolness of the passionfruit jelly topping neutralises the richness of the cheese and the crunchy passionfruit seeds made it an interesting eat. But, the biscuit base was an abomination, it's soggy and not at all crumbly. To add insult to injury, they had the nerve to serve it with a side of cream that was off - sour and definitely was not rich.

Passionfruit cheesecake

Dave didn't seem to mind the crumble though and gave the coffee a six out of ten. Frankly, I don't know how such a place managed to stay open, maybe their lunches are better. I can only judge from my own experience, and that has left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Apricot crumble

Poppies Cafe on Urbanspoon
Poppies Cake Shop & Cafe
Shop 1, 299 Charles St
North Perth WA
Open 7 days 7am-9.30pm
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