Saturday, April 2, 2011

bublé at sandalford

I've never been one to go to concerts or events, what with the throngs of people squeezed in together. I'm agoraphobic that way. Just the thought of being crushed by a gazillion of other people is not very appealing to me. The only events I've ever been to have always been relaxed affairs. Events that are more like a picnic than a concert, like the Madeleine Peyroux performance at the Ottawa Jazz Festival. I'm quite lucky that my taste in music allows me to do that.

Last month I got tickets to a Michael Bublé concert at Sandalford Winery in Caversham, WA (Thanks, hubby!). I've wanted to go see him in concert since like forever (do I sound like a crazed fan?). Being overeager, I arrived at the venue way too early. But, there were people who were even earlier than me, most of them were General Admission ticket holders though. They brought all sorts of picnic things, deck chairs, huge eskies full of goodies, picnic blankets, etc.

I actually have eaten before I got to the venue, so I didn't bring anything, except water. But, since I got there way too early, I was a bit restless. I went and got myself half a pan of wood-fired pizza, not out of hunger, but out of boredom. I didn't particularly expect it to be spectacular, I mean it's event food, you don't hope for much. But, it was surprisingly quite good. The crust was thin and crispy, the cheese stretched as I bit and pulled, the italian sausage had the right level of heat. I voraciously ate the pizza while sitting there on the lawn, enjoying the afternoon, waiting for Bublé to perform.

Half a romana pizza - $8

After a couple of hours, Naturally 7 performed. That was my cue to take my seat on the platinum side. They're amazing, never knew that a human voice can produce instrumental sounds, like bass, trumpet, harmonica etc. Another half an hour passed before the man himself, Bublé, appeared on stage. The crowd went wild (The booze probably helped). It was an hour and a half of non-stop Bublé-mania. Bublé not only sang, but charmed us with his wicked sense of humour. If he ever gets bored with singing, he'd make a great comedian. The crowd got even that little bit wilder when Bublé wade his way through the audience from the front stage to the little stage island in the middle of the crowd. I actually got to grab his arm on this too-short journey. And because of this, I annoyed everyone for the next few days with a smile of the 100-Megawatt kind plastered on my face. Yeah, that's me, silly, but I can't help it. The concert ended way too soon with the crowd shouting, "Encore, encore, encore".

Michael Bublé with Alan Chang on piano

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