Saturday, July 9, 2011

bikang ambon

Bikang ambon - traditional flavour

One of my aunties, who lives in Indonesia, is currently in Australia visiting. With any visit from Indonesia, a souvenir of Indonesian snack food is a must. And she did not disappoint. It's Bikang Ambon time!

What is bikang ambon you might ask. Traditionally it's a mildly sweet, fragrant cake, with a hint of coconut milk flavour. But these days it comes in all kinds of flavours like pandan, cheese, durian, etc.

Bikang ambon - pandan flavour

What's so special about the cake is its honeycomb-like structure.  Like you'd expect a bee or two to come flying out as you bite into it.

I like it best after 20 seconds in the microwave oven, its distinct chewiness and the coconut aroma are supercharged by the brief heat. I love it so much I had a piece every night after dinner until the entire cake is gone gone gone.


  1. Never knew of the existence of this shop & its near my house.. Taste pretty good especially the pandan flavour. Very unique.

  2. Talk about coincidence, huh? My philosophy is if it's good, pass it on.


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