Tuesday, January 17, 2012

malioboro ayam tulang lunak

Tender chicken thigh, covered lovingly with delicious salty egg sauce. How tender? Very tender. Super. Extremely.

We had this at Ayam Tulang Lunak Malioboro (english: soft bone chicken Malioboro).

This place was introduced to us by our driver, because I ran out of ideas of where to eat that morning. And he didn't led us astray. In fact, he delivered us to one of the best meals we had in Bali so far.

I love the place. Minimalistic. Clean lines. White. Bright.

Ayam presto goreng crispy - Rp 12,000 (1 piece)

Our meal arrived promptly. Husband got the fried chicken with crispy crumbs on top. And rice (Rp 4,000 / plate).

As you may have figured out from the name of the restaurant, the specialty of this place is cooking the chicken to the point that the bone is soft. So soft that you can eat the bone. They achieve this by pressure cooking them.

But why would you want to eat the bone anyway? Well, they say it's good for you, full of calcium and other nutrients.

That's less important for me, the deliciousness of it is more important.

I'd give this dish a 75 out of a perfect score of 100. The only thing I don't quite like with this particular dish is it's too dry. It needs some sauce to make it perfect.

Ayam presto telur asin - Rp 16,000 (1 piece)

Which is why I love what I ordered so much. It's the same tender chicken, with tender chicken bones, but with the perfect addition of salty egg sauce.

The only way I can explain what the bone's texture like is it's slightly gritty, it gave way as soon as I bit into it.

But seriously, that salty egg sauce was what made this dish that extra bit special. Yummy!

Plecing kangkung - Rp 9,000

I didn't expect to find that the kangkung with sambal sauce from this restaurant would be the best one I'd ever have. But, there it was!

The kangkung was fresh and still slightly crunchy, the sambal was addictively spicy.

It firmly cemented this place as my top favourite place to eat in Bali.

Juice alpokat - Rp 13,000
And what better to wash it all down than with a thick avocado juice with chocolate sauce.


Ayam Tulang Lunak Malioboro
Jalan Kediri 50 I-J, Tuban
Open 7 days 10am-9.45pm


  1. Eating chicken bones sounds nasty

  2. You would think so, but it really wasn't. It was tasty.

  3. Hi, may I know if you are Indonesian? We went to this shop and they gave us different menu, which is double of your price.
    I browsed through some forums, and get to know that this dishonest restaurant having two different menus for local and tourist.
    When I asked the waiters and the boss, they don't admit.
    Can I borrow one or two of your photos here to share?

    1. This is not an uncommon practice in Bali. Locals do get better price than tourists. As you would imagine the salary of the local people will be much much less to yours and mine. But think of it this way, you're helping the local economy in this tough times. Doubling the price of the dish would still get your chicken dish under AU$4/piece. I would prefer if you do not use my website as an ammunition, as I do want to support local businesses there.


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