Wednesday, June 27, 2012

eat & eat durian ice cream

The pictures on this post are somewhat saturated and one is a bit blurry, I took them with the camera on a nokia phone, and it's not the smart kind. Yes, you can laugh at me for having a nokia phone. I'm giving you permission to pretend that these photos have gone through instagram's "lord kelvin" filter.

Speaking of old technology, this place Eat & Eat are decorated in the style of faux old shanghai, without its dirtiness, and all its charm. (How do you like that segway?)

My cousin, the super-eater, ronny, has not led me astray, yet. This was no exception. I haven't seen him in over a year, and in that year, he's gotten married and is about to have a baby. At that point, I had not met his wife and did not yet know about the baby news. So, a huge catch-up was in order. He recommended this place to me, due to its proximity to the Sheraton Hotel in Surabaya, and as you can see it's a really charming place.

I wasn't planning on taking any pictures that night, I was too excited to catch up with him. But, this place was so well-decorated, that I had to, using the only camera I had on me, my nokia phone.

I like how they cleverly brought the outside to the inside, by decorating the wall with building façades. It made me feel like I'm outside, in a night market, but actually I'm all indoors, safe from the weather and the sweltering Java humidity.

So, what is Eat & Eat? It's a food court style place, where there are dozens of food vendors selling different types of food, mostly chinese, indonesian or malaysian type food. When you arrive at Eat & Eat, first thing you do is buy a refillable card at the front counter, into it you can add as much or as less money as you want.

When you order food, all you need to do is present your card to have the price of the food taken out of the card. If you don't come there often, you can, at the end of your visit, return the card and get the remaining credit back in cash. In business perspective, that's pretty smart really, avoids any employee from pocketing some money where they shouldn't have.

Baikut mayo - Rp 35,000

The food is almost secondary to all this ambiance and decor, but they are decent food. I could eat them any other day, what with the variety and all. They are slightly pricier than other food courts, but I guess you're also paying for the ambiance.

I had the baikut mayo, the pork pieces were chunky. I quite like the salty vegies soup that comes with it, it's a great foil to the sweetness of the mayo.

Bakut teh - Rp 45,000

My dad, who eats healthily, and thus anything herbal if given the chance, ordered the bakut teh. He actually liked it so much he ordered another portion.

Claypot chicken rice - Rp 32,500

Rony, on the other hand, inhaled his claypot chicken rice. Winna, his wife, my cousin-in-law, ate a little bit of his chicken rice, as she had the mother of all morning sickness.

Es durian montong - Rp 18,500

But the stand-out dish of the night is the durian ice cream.

Oh my G!

They're just unbelievably durian packed, with durian flesh chunks on each bowl. Sweet, custardy and creamy. I had two bowls and a brain freeze.

Eat & Eat
ICBC Center Surabaya
Jalan Jenderal Basuki Rahmat 16-18
Open 7 days 10am-10pm

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