Tuesday, September 25, 2012

pastel tutup malang

Pastel tutup, for all intents and purposes, is the indonesian version of a shepherd's pie. Like the english pie, pastel tutup is a meat pie with a potato crust topping. But that is where the similarities end. Unlike an english shepherd's pie, which can be heavy or even fatty depending on what type of meat mince used, pastel tutup's filling is light and a joy to eat.

The pie filling is variable from one region of Indonesia to another, but our favourite is made with slices of hard boiled egg, finely chopped carrots, finely chopped ham, finely chopped sausages, chopped chicken and thin rice vermicelli.

Although pastel tutup can easily be made at home - there's a myriad of recipes on the web, ranging from the print form to the video - I've never even thought of attempting to make one myself. That's because the version of pastel tutup that we've been buying since I was little is so delicious I'm afraid I'd ruin my memory of it.

The baker, who sells this piece of marvellousnes, is Ibu Wahjudi. She's a home-baker, it's not a big business with a shopfront. But, it is successful enough for her to keep doing what she's been doing all this time.

The pastel tutup comes in three sizes, small, regular and large. We usually buy the large. And whenever we go out-of-town to visit my relatives, pastel tutup would be one of the most requested "souvenirs" we bring from Malang.

Pastel tutup can be stored in the fridge for up to a week, though it never lasts that long in our house. When you're ready to eat, just slice a piece and heat it up in the microwave for 2-3 minutes until it's warm. The sauce would pool at the bottom of your plate, full of chickeny goodness; the different textures of the ingredients combining in your mouth; and the light golden potato crust, satisfying but not heavy in the stomach, just the thing for a light snacking between breakfast and lunch.

Ibu Wahjudi Pastel Tutup
Jalan Ambon 12
Phone: +62 341 361291 (orders only, no drop-ins)


  1. wah i've never heard of this dish. SOunds good! I actually just tasted my first shepherds pie less than a week ago haha!

    1. it's very yummy. bet your shepherd's pie was good too though, perfect for the current cold weather, chilly, raining all the time.


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