Wednesday, April 24, 2013

dadeo, po'boy oh-boy oh-boy

There were a few instances during the road trip in Canada when I didn't bring my good camera with me, thinking that it wasn't worth carrying to lunch or dinner or any other meal I was having at the time. This was such an instance.

DaDeO is very hip, very cool. I must admit, I thought it's going to be one of those over-rated restaurants in urbanspoon. Just because it looks cool, doesn't mean it's got substance. But I'm glad I was proven wrong.

Seafood jambalaya - $20

I'm not a Cajun cuisine expert, in fact I haven't had any before DaDeO. So I can't attest to its authenticity. But, the thing is, good food is good food, isn't it, whatever cuisine or however authentic it might be?

Blackened catfish po'boy - $12

I like the cutesy little itty bitty biscuits with the peppery jalapeno green jelly; or the seafood jambalaya, though the seafood was fresh, it was lacking seasoning. But the star dish of the day is the blackened catfish po'boy, with the distinctively charcoalled fish that goes well with the sweet and barely spicy sauce, all wrapped up with soft pillowy bread. The mayo dipped sweet potato fries, with its crispy and textured outside, but soft sweet potato inside, also helped made the case.

If I ever have the chance to come back to Edmonton, I wouldn't hesitate to re-visit DaDeO, but I wouldn't order anything else but the po'boy and the sweet potato fries. Now, if only the restaurant is not so hard to find...

90% of the problem is because we're not locals. 10% were the many road blocks and road constructions in that area, which didn't help our old GPS to (slowly......) re-calculate the path. We didn't want to hold up traffic either, so we had to go forward and pick a path. We ended up going past the North Saskatchewan River so many times, we almost gave up. Lucky that we persisted and that it was early enough for us to get a table without reservations.

DaDeO New Orleans Diner and Bar on Urbanspoon
DaDeO New Orleans Diner & Bar
10548a Whyte Avenue
Edmonton ALBERTA
Open Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 11.30am-10pm; Friday & Saturday 11.30am-11pm; Sunday 12pm-10pm

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