Wednesday, May 22, 2013

the maple leaf, classy with a lot of substance

We're in Banff, people! Ah... Finally.... We can straighten our hunched backs and uncurl our toes, stretch those arms upwards, breath in the fresh mountain air and absorb the breathtaking vista.

We love it so much, rather than spending an express couple of days, we're staying for a whopping 5 days to explore the Banff - Lake Louise area.

When we got to Banff it was already quite late, but we didn't want to waste the night, so we decided to squeeze in the time for a soak in the Banff Upper Hot Springs instead. What better way to unwind than to let our muscles relax, and have our worries melt away in the 40°C
natural mineral water. Listening to the wind rustle between the pine trees. Bliss......

I slept really well that night.

Before said well-deserved rest, we had a pricey dinner first at the Maple Leaf. I ordered for myself a whopping 18oz beast of a steak. The rib-eye was juicy and pink in the middle, I can tell it was well rested as the blood didn't spill out when I cut into the meat. I finished the half kilo of beef on my own, along with the delicious fingerling potatoes, mushrooms and brocollini. The different textures from the vegies and crispy fried shallots made it an interesting meal. It was not a bore at all and the service was courteous. Worth every penny.

Hubby had a starter of 1 oyster (that he said was fresh) and a main of AAA beef tenderloin with roast roma tomatoes, asparagus, dijon mash and lobster compound butter which he also enjoyed. But, I was too busy enjoying my own meal to pay too much attention to his.

18oz bone-in rib eye - $42

It was a great start to what is about to become an amazing time in Banff.

The Maple Leaf on Urbanspoon 
The Maple Leaf
137 Banff Ave
Open 7 days for lunch 11am-3pm & for dinner from 5pm

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