Sunday, August 18, 2013

how much is a thousand dollars? (pt. 2)

Last night we decided to procure some winter tyres to get us through the horrendous road conditions we were facing during our road trip thusfar. 

We also decided to heed the advice from a local senior who hung out at the McDonald's we were at yesterday, to get off Trans-Canada Hwy 1 and go south on Hwy 95 instead. We thought it foolish at first, seeing as it'll add about 300km to an already 700km journey. But, looking the state of our car, it might not be a bad idea after all to get a tiny bit closer to the equator, away from the rockies, where the weather is kinder to our car, and to our mental state.

When we arrived at the local Kal Tire shop in Golden, we found out that they no longer stock the particular winter tyres for our car. Winter was almost over and the tyres have been sold out at most places.  But Castlegar, where we will be passing through, did have some. The Golden shop even gave us an end-of-season discount to take with us to the Castlegar shop so we can get the tyres cheaper.

It was during the drive to Castlegar that my inner cheapskate came back, I said to my husband (but mostly to myself): look at the weather, so sunny, no snow in sight, we'll do fine without the winter tyres. I contemplated and pondered -- it was a long drive -- but in the end I came to my senses. It would be mighty foolish of me to not spend the money only to end up in hospital or (god-forbid) one of us lost our lives over this. Our lives are worth more than a thousand dollars, so stop being silly.

It was past lunch time when we arrived at Castlegar after driving non-stop (not even to pee). The Kal Tire shop in town did have our tyres in stock. The damage to our pockets ended up being $1,200. We waited while they changed the tires at a pub opposite the shop recommended by the shop attendant. It was a no-frills working pub, dishing out reasonably hearty food with reasonably sized portion. The small bowl of comforting soup with minced beef and carrots that came with my dish of tuna melt would always remind me of this whole ordeal.

Thirsty Duck Neighbourhood Pub on Urbanspoon
Thirsty Duck
4370 Minto Rd

But we couldn't stay for long as we were trying to reach Vancouver before night fell. We left Castlegar as soon as the car was fitted with the new tyres. It was at Osoyoos when we realised we'll probably only get to Vancouver close to midnight. The tyres though were fantastic, worth every penny. They had their first real test as we ascended the icy, slushy road at Silvertip Mountain on Crowsnest Hwy to Hope and again as we descended the mountain on Trans-Canada Hwy 1 before the earth flattened out all the way to Vancouver. The tyres performed amiably and with the lack of street lighting we needed all the help we could get.

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