Tuesday, October 22, 2013

go fish, cloudy day taco

The consensus with fish tacos is it's a great spring/summer chow. In spring, it reminds you that summer is around the corner. In summer, the salsa rejuvenates your tired palate.

Perhaps we didn't exactly come at the right time to have our very first fish taco. It was cloudy, cold, definitely a jacket weather. Nonetheless the fish tacone at Go Fish made an impression on me. Theirs were packed with grilled salmon, cabbage, tomatoes, cilantro salsa and chipotle mayo. The combination of oily fish, fresh vegetables, tangy salsa, and creamy mayo works.

The beer-battered salmon was another success. The fish was juicy, and the batter was not oily but it could try with being less heavy, and the portion was somewhat on the small side. Their "pomme frites" were burnt tasting, as if the temperature of the frying oil was too high or the potatoes were in there too long.

Salmon tacone - $5.50
Salmon & chips - $9
The vastly varying quality did disappoint me somewhat, though I wouldn't say it was a total wipe-out seeing as it gave me the inspiration to make my own salmon taco.

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Go Fish
1505 W 1st Ave 
Fall & Winter, open Tuesday-Friday 11.30am-6pm, Saturday-Sunday 12pm-6pm
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