Sunday, November 10, 2013

guuing may be addictive.

I have a big issue with small bites: overeating. Ordering almost everything in the menu because their small portions inherently means you can eat more will lead you to a state where euphoria borders on pain. Eating at an izakaya certainly did this to me.

Guu is one of the more popular izakaya joints in Vancouver, if the queue before opening time is anything to go by, it may well be the most popular. The atmosphere inside was lively -- the servers and chefs shouting as they go -- conducive to having a few rowdy round of beers while stuffing yourself with food.

We are not much of drinkers ourselves, so we hold the beer and stuck with the food. Most of the dishes were successful, with only a couple that can do better.

My phone camera photos below I've accompanied with some jingrish commentary -- by translating english to japanese and back to english -- not as a slight, but because I find it so kawaii!

To start off, I'll borrow a phrase from the shop:
Please kindly be mentioned the followings. Make sure you are hungry as your stomach makes a sound of "guu".
Can clear the sinuses of you, powerful wasabi. This is appropriate if you have a nose that is blocked.

Pork belly is very soft, melting. Soft-boiled egg, not appetizing cold and in particular.

In the middle lightly, grilled scallops raw still. Smoky dried bonito shavings, was dancing on top of the healthy scallop.

Beef tongue: The chunky, crunchy, citrus, nice slightly.

Barbecue beef ribs and soft sweet marinated in garlic sauce.

Mayo, had a tint of hotness.

Wonderful and mayonnaise, crispy, not greasy.

Scent combo strong rice and cheese, meaning that you can not taste the eel we. This is a dish that is not liked by most of the night.

And fresh chopped raw salmon,!

I this fun like the taste slimy. That's a good thing.

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Guu Original
838 Thurlow St
Open Monday-Saturday 11.40am-1.40pm & 5.30pm-12.30am, Sunday 5.30pm-12am
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