Friday, February 28, 2014

snacking in vieux québec

Banane avec crème fraîche et chocolat - $7
With food, as with anything else, sometimes nostalgia can skew your opinion of it. The best crêpe I've ever had was from a sidewalk stall in Paris chinatown, batter was poured and spread on a hot plate when we ordered, Nutella from one of the numerous gigantic jars was smeared on the crisped batter, whereupon the crêpe was folded, tucked into a paper napkin and served warm and delicious. Depending on where we were at in Paris, the prices can vary to eye-gouging level. What was an injustice to me then, now through the rose-coloured glasses of time, I don't seem to mind the price anymore.

I don’t know if I will look back and think fondly of Casse Crepe Breton. I don’t remember it particularly well even now. Only that we didn’t wait for too long to be seated, I remember it wasn’t during peak meal hours. It was conveniently located in Vieux-Québec. And the price was reasonable. The crepe was overly sweet, but it did its job as a snack.

Pomme et suisse - $5.95
Casse-Crepe Breton on Urbanspoon
Casse-Crêpe Breton
1136, rue Saint-Jean
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