Sunday, July 13, 2014

Japanese Influenced Pottery in Kuta

Being a food blogger, joy fills my heart whenever I see beautiful tableware. The same feeling came over me when I spent an hour (or maybe two) browsing Jenggala Keramik’s website prior to my Bali vacation.

Their pieces are influenced mostly by traditional Indonesian and Balinese pattern and colours, but I can see some are influenced by Japanese pottery -- clean and simple lines with muted colours. These sexy Japanese inspired ones are ones that excites me the most. I’ve been seriously coveting some of their pieces, but their price tags have so far stopped me from purchasing them online.

Jenggala boasts that each piece of pottery is inspected for the highest quality, with normal variation due to its handmade nature. While this is certainly the case -- you won’t be able to buy one blemished piece from their showroom -- the slightly imperfect pieces are still available for purchase and can be found at Jenggala’s lesser known Factory Outlet.

Jenggala does very little by way of advertising their Factory Outlet for whatever reason, there isn’t even an official link to it on their website. Being the bargain hunter that I am, I managed to find it from the lovely people on the web.

There were pieces with undeliberate minor askew shapes, or the accidental colour stain here there. But those with obvious flaws were the minority. The imperfections on most of the pieces I’ve examined were imperceptible to the naked eye and these were the ones I picked to buy. With prices of up to 50% off, I went on a shopping spree.

One of my purchases was this teardrop white salad bowl with undulating rim seemingly to have been brushed with a muted teal paint. So beautiful. Pictured below is this bowl having the flaw of paint dots at its bottom. There was a stack of these bowls in the shop, I looked for two which didn't have such obvious flaws.

While the attendants wrapped up my pieces with some old newspaper, I noticed quite a few of the customers were Japanese. I guess even they love Jenggala’s interpretation of Japanese pottery. After they were wrapped up, the pieces were stacked into shopping bags. If you happened to ask for boxes, they will kindly let you know boxes are not provided in the factory outlet, only in the showrooms. One less perk I don't mind having without.

The piece I use most often at home is this ramen bowl. It has a distinct Japanese look, a deep bowl capable of holding a lot, with convenient indentations on its rim for placing a pair of chopsticks. I’ve used it for serving salmon phở with a bountiful salmon bone broth, for bibimbap with its vigorous mixing action, for simple chicken and noodle soup, and many many other delicious dishes.

Jenggala Factory Outlet
Jalan Sunset Road No. 1
location on google maps

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