Tuesday, January 6, 2009

with a vengeance

December had been nothing but mild at best, even though it was supposed to be the start of summer, a scorching hot Australian summer. But when it comes to mother nature, she sure likes to have the last laugh. It was sweltering hot last night. So hot that I could barely think without worrying that sweat beads after sweat beads was going to fall from the tip of my nose. I couldn't help but notice that the sun gave me a mischevious smile as I went out to do my grocery this afternoon. Luckily, I came home to a fully functioning aircon. We have declared ourselves to be the best of friends this year, this is after two years of being sworn enemies. No sticky hot summers for me this year.

But I digressed, I was actually out purchasing the ingredients for Nigella Lawson's Coq Au Riesling. Ever since I came back from my previous job post in regional Australia, I have been neglecting my culinary pursuits in favour of takeaways and frozen foods. It is all but the fault of my new job post, where I am spoiled 4/7th of the year with company-paid catering. But, no more, I say! I have turned over a new leaf and in this brand new year I have my mind set on restoring my passion for good food and good wine. I will keep you posted on my attempt in recreating the dish.

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