Hi and welcome to my blog.

I started this blog in 2009 as a place to share all of my favourite restaurants in Perth, Western Australia. But then, it became a place where I would share my cooking adventures too. It has well documented how mediocre of a cook I was, steadily improving to how I am now. It's almost like a cooking training camp, in a way. I am forced to think about what I cook and how to present it beautifully.

I grew up in Indonesia, so there would be a few indonesian & indo-chinese recipes here. Some of which have been passed down to me from my grandma via my mother.

But mostly, I am a celebrity chef nut. I buy myself cookbooks for christmas, my own birthday and other events. It's one of my better vices, trust me.

What I've found since I started the blog is that asian food is what I like to cook and eat most. I am always amazed with the diversity of it all, we've got the indonesian, korean, thai, vietnamese and so many more. That is not to say I don't like western food. My most western influenced dishes are the desserts, oh, and the pastas.

I am so fortunate that my parents got me on the travelling bug early on life. I started touring the globe with them as a 5-year old. These days I try to travel at least once a year. And when I do, I like to share with you the beautiful food I've enjoyed and the fantastic people I've met during my trip.

Happy reading.
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