Tuesday, December 6, 2011

bread talk fire floss bread

You wouldn't associate Bali with good bread, would you? I wouldn't. But somehow I couldn't get enough of the bread from this bakery chain called Bread Talk. It is a chain, so it's not limited to just Bali.

In fact, the chain originated from Singapore, and it has been steadfastly embraced by Indonesians since its introduction to the country in 2003.

That is not to say that tourists don't like them too.

I guess one of the reasons why it's such a success is because the bread is customised to the Asian palate. If you've had bread in Asia, you can probably taste that it usually has a bit of a sweetness to it. Whereas Western breads are usually bland, to be used as a canvas for sandwiches, or it is usually savoury.

Asian breads are usually eaten as dessert, or as a snack during the day. It needs to be satisfying on its own. Nothing is usually added to it, as if to make a BLT.  And it's not added to anything, as if to be eaten with soup. There are of course exceptions to this, like the versatile chinese steamed bun, but which are not sold at Bread Talk.

Fire floss bread - Rp 16,000
This bread is my all-time Bread Talk favourite! Fire Floss, it's called. With a name like that, it's gotta be a hit!

It's bread topped with meat floss, and filled very modestly with a clear jelly filling. The bread itself is very mildly sweet, the meat floss is savoury and a tiny bit spicy.

The non-spicy version on the left is called C's Floss. The colour of the topping should give you a hint of its non-spiciness.

Not really sure what the C stands for, though. Crazy good? Curiously delectable? Crave-worthy?

We bought a few of them on our first day in Bali. They were great as a midnight snack and something to fill the bellies in the morning before breakfast.

C's floss bread - Rp 16,000

Look at that gooey jelly filling, they were more of a jam consistency I find. It just made the bread goes down real easy.

Coconut kaya - Rp 17,000

These ones are mildy sweet bread with gooey coconut jam, called Coconut Kaya. The jam is also flavoured with pandan, contributing to its green pandan colour.

Emerald leaf - Rp 14,000

Then we topped it off with these pandan chiffon cake slices, which were a bit sweeter again. That was the first time I tried it. It was very light, like a chiffon should be, but unfortunately too sweet for my taste.

Bread Talk
Mall Galeria
Jalan Bypass I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Simpang Dewa Ruci


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