Saturday, February 14, 2009

tanpopo ramen

Today, my sister and I went to this Japanese tea house called TanPoPo. When we want Japanese food that is quick, convenient and close-by, we usually go there. I remember the time when I used to go there almost for every lunch time, it was the cheapest food we could find that was reachable within a 10-minute walking distance of my school.

The place itself used to be quite well-maintained and clean. But over the years it had lost a bit of its shine. There was a leak on the roof pooled into a tin bucket and boxes stacked in front of the counter waiting to be put away. The place brings me back to my school days every time I visit and it would be such a shame for it to crumble and close down.

OK, sure the place was not a 5-star restaurant, heck, probably not even a 2-star restaurant. Even with all these flaws, the food itself was still good. The price is fair, even if they tend to steadily increase, but what isn't these days?

Ramen noodle with chicken, plus extra chicken - $8.20

My sister and I ordered the ramen noodle with chicken ($6.55). I asked for extra chicken (additional $1.65), they do get a bit stingy with the portions as of late and I was quite hungry. The reason why we kept going back is because this joint's ramen noodle, so far, have no comparison elsewhere. Funny, isn't it? It's not that the broth was special, or the chicken was special. It is the noodle. It has just the right chewiness and texture. Even talking about it makes me drool.

Tanpopo on Urbanspoon
Japanese Tea House TanPoPo
623 Beaufort St
Mt. Lawley WA
Monday-Thursday 9.30am-7pm, Friday 10am-7pm, Saturday 10am-6pm


  1. hm... there's a tanpopo ramen in perth? interesting! cos there's certainly a tanpopo ramen here in singapore!

  2. hahaha... yeah, i saw that on your blog. i'll take you when you come next to perth.


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