Sunday, April 12, 2009

dragon palace dim sum

This restaurant was another suggestion of my epicurian cousin, so expectations were high. This restaurant was a newish restaurant, it was quite grand and huge. And like many dim sum places, we had to take a number when we arrived and waited until a table was available. On Saturday, at 11am, there were quite a few people wanting to eat there, we waited for about 20-30 minutes.

The restaurant was decorated quite tastefully, it was clean. The service was efficient and professional. The teapots were refilled constantly without us having to wait too long. When we wanted something that was not in the cart, straight away it will be separately ordered for us, rather than having to wait for the other carts to come around.

Medium dish - $4.60
Large dish - $5.30
Extra large dish - $5.90
Tea - $2.00 per person (unlimited refill)

The food was somehow not as tasty as I thought it would be, partly maybe because of the high expectation. But, we concluded at the end that it was probably deliberately done that way so we can eat more and not get bored or sick of it. Regardless, the soft shell crab that we ordered was not crisp enough, it was soggy to the point that it disgusted us. But other than that, the food was pleasant enough. The dish that made an impact on me was the fried turnip cake, not dissimilar to the ones I had in Congee Wong in Canada. In fact, it was probably better, because it wasn't as oily and as salty.

I think this place is great for big get-togethers or celebrations with 8 or more people, as they have many huge tables and no one will find much fault in the food.

Dragon Palace Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon
Dragon Palace
66 Francis St
Northbridge WA
Open weekdays 10.30am-3pm, weekends 10am-3pm and 6pm-late

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