Sunday, May 31, 2009

lawley's apple blueberry crumble

On our occasional trip to the Subiaco Market, we were going to get some empanadas de banano but the store's deep fryer chose that day to stop working. We had to settle for the nearby bakery's apple blueberry crumble.

Apple blueberry crumble - $24.95

I've never had a truly satisfying crumble, this one was not an exception. Maybe I'm just not a crumble person. The bakery sold other baked goods as well, like danish, petit four and sour dough bread. They're probably good if you're on the go and would like to grab something quick. Just don't expect it to be extraordinary.

Lawley's Bakery Café on Urbanspoon
Lawley's Bakery Café
Stall 110a, Station Street Markets
57 - 60 Station St

Subiaco WA
Open all day Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Monday Public Holidays

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