Tuesday, August 18, 2009

lindt chocolat café macarons

The Lindt Chocolat Café is unique to Australia. Aren't we just lucky! It was also serendipitous for me that one only recently opened in Melbourne. I picked a cold rainy afternoon to go there, which might explain my hankering for hot chocolate, apparently so did everybody in Melbourne. The café was packed to the rafters, there was even a queue of people waiting to be seated. So I skipped all that and headed towards the take-away counter instead.

The café was just class all the way, I'd say Lindt went all out to decorate this place. Exquisite chandeliers, tasteful furniture, great location and friendly servers. Hey, it is Lindt after all.

Macarons - $2.00 each
Hot chocolate - $4.00

The hot dark chocolate was scrumptiously warming and beat all of my past experiences with hot chocolate in the arse. It was just that good. I also got some champagne and raspberry macarons (I can't quite figure out why Lindt had to be different and called them Delice). They are these dainty little biscuits with creamy filling in between. They were melt-in-my-mouth delicate, I especially liked the creamy champagne ones. Though I am disappointed there wasn't any of the dark chocolate macaron left.

I should have visited Max Brenner to compare, but I just didn't have the time. I have been thinking of visiting Ladurée in Paris, but was doubtful if it would be worth it, but now I would not think to even miss it.

Lindt Chocolat Café on Urbanspoon
Lindt Chocolate Café
271 Collins St
Melbourne VIC
Open Monday-Wednesday 7.30am-6pm, Thursday-Friday 7.30am-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-5pm


  1. i think max b is da best lol..
    it's tutti frutti waffle so great..
    but i preffered hot chocolate to it's famous suckao.. suckao just only has good presentation..

  2. max brenner, you mean? haven't had the chance to go yet! hics hics.... we were at grill'd opposite mb but were too full to go! and the most annoying thing is, none exists in perth!

  3. yeah b for brenner.. yummy..
    how bout canada? no max be there?
    there's max b in sg if i'm not wrong..
    who knows u have a time going there on ur next visiting indo :D

  4. no shops in canada =(
    will just have to wait until it comes to perth, which may be neverrr because we are so rural


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