Saturday, September 12, 2009

seizan wafu steak

I have visited Seizan only once before and it was not a pleasant experience. It was not so much the food, but the situation. If I'm not mistaken, it was the very first time that my parents had a meal with my future brother-in-law. I swear to you, the atmosphere was so thick that you can cut it with a knife. After that one time, we never came back, bad memories I suppose.

Now, five years later, everyone (but me) has forgotten about it. So, we went back with my brother in law in tow. The place was as I remembered it, clean and quite airy. The waitresses wore cute pink kimonos. The service was prompt, water was served without us asking. The only drawback with the service was the waitress serving us had a nasty disposition, but the other waitresses seemed to be friendlier.

I heard the conversation between the owner and one of the waitresses, they seem to be talking in Korean, not Japanese. Normally this would be a bad sign to me. But, I am happy to say that it wasn't. We even got a free show with the teppanyaki table directly in front of our table.

Ebi tempura maki - $12.00 (for 8 pieces)
Tori kara age - $6.50
Wafu steak - $24.80

We ordered few entrées to share and for the mains we each ordered a set menu. We asked for the entrées and mains to come out together because we are an impatient bunch of people. We only had to wait a maximum of 10 minutes before our ebi tempura maki, agedashi tofu and tori kara age came out with the wafu steak, tori teriyaki, sakana teriyaki and tempura udon.

The ebi tempura maki was delicious with just the right amount of Japanese mayonnaise. The tori kara age was alright. My wafu steak was done just how I like it, with a tiny tinge of pink in the middle, not a bit more. The rice was fluffy, the salad fresh. The chicken in the tori teriyaki was meaty, not thin crusty bits of cardboard. The fish in the sakana teriyaki was moist. This meal completely wiped out that terrible first visit from my memory, but my dinner partners disagree. They found the teriyaki sauce to be too subtle, not tasty enough.

Seizan Japanese on Urbanspoon
566 Hay Street
Perth WA
Open Monday-Friday 11.30am-2.30pm & 5.30pm-10pm, Saturday-Sunday 5.30pm-10pm


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  2. Thank you. It's nice to see that someone appreciates it.


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