Friday, February 26, 2010

pan fried snapper

A really quick and tasty way of upping your omega-3 intake is to pan fry your choice of fish and either eat it with rice (my preferred way) or with salad.

It's good to know your nearest fish market where you can buy fresh fish. When I went to get my fish, I didn't know which fish is good for pan frying. This is the time when a knowledgeable fishmonger worths its weight in gold. She recommended the soft-fleshed pink snapper and she couldn't be more right. The fish was so soft that it literally melts in my mouth.

I think Australia may have the best variety of fish in the world (I am biased, but it's true). There are so many different kinds of fish that are nothing than fresh, tender and flaky. Unlike its North-American counterpart, which are all dense and more like chicken meat than fish meat, eg. the halibut.

1. Plain flour
2. Raw pink snapper fillet
3. Pan-fried snapper
4. ABC chilli sauce (extra hot)

I won't give you long instructions on how to pan fry fish, because there's really nothing to it. But I will give you a small spiel. First, you rub the fish liberally with salt. Then coat it with all-purpose flour, shake off the excess. Coat the pan with butter and add a splash of oil (so the butter won't burn). Fry the fish until it turns opaque. Season to your liking (salt, pepper, etc). Serve with rice. I like mine with a bit of spiciness, so I always have chilli sauce with mine. Yummo!

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