Wednesday, March 31, 2010

kachi gamjatang

Kimchi stew with pork and tofu - $6.95
Hot stone pot bibimbap with bulgogi - $8.95

The first time I went to KaChi, I had the kimchi stew with pork and tofu, not knowing that KaChi is famous for its gamjatang. The tofu stew was pretty darn spicy, but spicy in a painfully good way.

My husband had the hot stone bibimbap with bulgogi, which had fresh vegetables, mushrooms and deliciously marinated beef. Since he is a lightweight in the chilli eating department, even more leightweight than I am, the bibimbap was perfect for him. He got greedy that day and ordered some dumplings, which he then couldn't finish.

We went to KaChi two more times since then. The second time I went, I had the gamjatang. The pork was so delicate like it has been cooked for 12 hours, the meat just fell off the bone as I picked it up. The broth can be quite spicy. You can ask for the not-spicy broth, but I like mine a bit spicy to give the pork a bit of extra flavour. I liked it so much that we went there again the week after and had the gamjatang again.

Gamjatang (mild) - $6.95

As with any authentic Korean restaurant, our dish was accompanied with free banchan (english: side dishes) like kimchi, vermicelli, potatoes and seaweed. Hot tea and iced water are also free, good to cool down those burnt tongues.

Pan fried chicken dumplings - $5.95

KaChi is not, by all means, flash. The place is small and narrow. But everyone from koreans to caucasians, students to oldies alike came for its authenticity. It's always packed during dinner time, so get in early or you might have to wait 15-20 minutes. The service can also get really bad during busy times, the waitpersons forgot when we asked for water or hot tea or the bill. But, for the affordable price that we paid, it was to be expected.

Another thing I should mention is the proprietor, he can get a bit crabby. Two of the three times we were there, he told off one of the customers, the first one was because they spilled some water without telling, the second one was because the customer left a two-cent tip. But the food is so great that I'm willing to overlook all of the unpleasantness.

Ka Chi on Urbanspoon
KaChi Korean Restaurant
612 Bloor St. W

Toronto ON
Open 7 days 10am-midnight

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