Friday, March 12, 2010

kunitoraya ténpura-udon

Ténpura-udon - €13

What could be better than a bowl of udon with hearty soup to warm you up when it's bloody freezing outside that you couldn't feel your toes, all your joints ached, your ears felt like ice blocks and your nose could pass off as Rudolph's nose? That's exactly the question I asked myself while we were freezing our butts off outside the louvre. So, we went and searched for, apparently, one of the best udon in Paris.

We had a bit of a difficulty finding the shop since we were not used to Paris' untidy city planning (I am used to square/rectangular blocks of land, not triangular, trapezoidal, sometimes pentagonal blocks). By the time we found it, we were completely frozen and we had to queue (outside!!) for about 10 minutes. But it was well worth the wait! When we got in, it was warm and cozy, the servers/chefs/cashiers were speaking in Japanese (hence authentic Japanese restaurant) and the aroma of meaty soup was everywhere.

The combination of hunger, weather and really good udon made me ate like I hadn't eaten for a week. I ordered the tenpura-udon, which had a piece of prawn done delicately in tenpura batter with soup that was the embodiment of umami. My husband ordered the niku-udon, which was udon with beef, his soup had the additional ginger taste to it, which he liked more than mine.

Niku-udon - €13

We regretted ordering a side of tonkatsu, because they were just these dry pieces of meat with no flavour, we'd probably enjoy another bowl of udon more. But the tea was free (always a good sign).

Tonkatsu - €9

39 rue Sainte-Anne
1er arrondissement, Île-de-France
Open 7 days 11.30am-10pm

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