Tuesday, May 25, 2010

destiny crispy chicken with honey

Crispy chicken with honey black pepper - $8.99

We were in Vaughan looking at properties and we got so carried away that we forgot to have lunch. Initially we wanted to go to Chako Barbecue Izakaya and have a big all-you-can-eat feed, but when we got there it was already 2.30pm (their lunch service stops at 3pm). So, we ended up next door at Destiny Asian Fusion.

The ambiance of this place is that of a modern, minimalistically designed restaurant, with high ceilings and free wi-fi. When we were there, there were a few students with their laptops, presumably doing their assignments or perhaps just chilling out. At first, we were seated on the hard-booth-type seats, which we didn't quite like. So, we moved ourselves to the plush sofa-type seats that were definitely kinder to our bottom sides. The waiterpersons were all friendly, quite unusual for a chinese / taiwanese restaurant. I think the management picked the best out of the bunch to work there.

I ordered the crispy chicken with honey black pepper, while my husband ordered the spicy popcorn chicken rice. We topped it off with a large green apple green tea with lychee jelly. It is a bubble tea restaurant, our meal won't be complete without one.

Spicy popcorn chicken rice - $7.99

My crispy chicken was tasty enough, though it was fried a bit dry. The honey was really sweet, it was like eating dessert topped rice. The spicy popcorn chicken was apparently a favourite and I would have to concur, it was definitely better than my crispy chicken. It was not fried as dry as the crispy chicken. The green apple green tea is a standard bubble tea which you can probably get in any other bubble tea place, so there was nothing special there.

Green apple green tea (Large) - $4.99 (plus $1.00 for the lychee jelly)

Don't get me wrong, it was a great feed. But nothing to write home about.

Destiny on Urbanspoon
Destiny Asian Fusion
165 York Blvd
Richmond Hill, ON

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  1. Not a good place to go. Their staff are not accommodating, I called them at 12:59 AM and asked til what time they are open, they said 2AM we arrived there at 1:30 and ordered waffle, the staff said that they can no longer serve waffle because their machine was already turned off and it will take 20 minutes to warm it up again.It was too early for them to turn off their machine, they said last call is 1:30 but them they turned off their machine at around 1:05, this is very disappointing


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