Friday, March 14, 2014

(more) duck in québec

We visited Île d'Orléans in winter’s last breath, there’s no more ice on the ground, but cold enough to freeze you up if you don’t wear a thick jacket. Everything in the island is pretty much on reduced hours or closed. We went to a few venues, they were either on reduced hours or closed for an event.

Au Goût D'autrefois was one such place. We were hoping to have lunch there, but it was on reduced hours when we were there. It’s a charming little duck and goose farm, having this hillbilly chic vibe. Not wanting to leave empty-handed, but not wanting to buy fresh duck (or goose) eggs either, we left with a jar of duck rillette instead. The rillette was yummy spread on a thin cracker.

It'd be better to re-visit this foodie island in spring or summer when everything is open.

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