Friday, February 27, 2009

babycakes cupcake!

I had driven to my sister's place hundreds of times, not one time did I realise there was a delightful pâtisserie on my way, until two weeks ago. I was waiting at the traffic lights, I happened to look to my left, there it was, BabyCakes. I went back home, googled, amazingly found their website. Even with all this research, I still wasn't motivated enough to go. Then, on Tuesday, my sister told me she needed to get a birthday cake for his kid's birthday. Now I had an excuse to go.

If I haven't told you so, I am totally obsessed with cheesecake. Every time I'm in a café, the first thing I do is check if they serve any cheesecake. So, while my sister was busy choosing birthday cakes, I went straight to the mini white chocolate cheesecake and mini chocolate muffin. The mini cheesecake is honestly a little bitty bit of creamy heaven. Its base is sweet pastry, filled with cream cheese, topped with a chocolate curl. I had a eureka moment, then and there.

White chocolate cheesecake - $2.00
Mini chocolate muffin - $2.00
Key lime pie cupcake - $3.75

I wasn't really interested in the cupcakes, eventhough they actually specialised in cupcakes. The reason being, I know I will get chastised for this, I simply hate frosting. So, when mum bought the key lime pie cupcake, it was left untouched for the better part of the day. Though, after hours of shopping, that cupcake started to look more appetising. I snuck in one little bite, and boy oh boy, was I surprised. The cupcake was topped with cream cheese! I died all over again and went to cupcake heaven. How could I not go back for more after that?

The shop front was bright, the interior was clean and well kept. If you are looking for it, you can't miss it, it's purple and has jelly babies banner. The shop manager, Monty, was really friendly, he didn't mind one bit when I took copious amounts of pictures.

Babycakes on Urbanspoon
98a Wanneroo Rd
Tuart Hill WA
Open Tuesday-Friday 7am-2pm, Saturday 8am-3pm

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