Saturday, February 28, 2009

hawker's cuisine marmite prawns

My cousin, who is an epicurean even more avid than I, introduced me to Hawker's Cuisine. I didn't understand why he was singing the praises for this place. The restaurant was quite clean, though its location may not be the best. The ground outside the restaurant was this black cobblestone, that gave me the feeling of dinginess. Unfortunately, that is a normal attribute of a China town.

The ambiance, or lack thereof, almost got me fooled. But the food spoke, loud and clear, for itself. We ordered marmite prawns, this fabulous crispy skinned prawns with sweet marmite sauce. Marmite is yeast extract, typically a British staple. It did a great job accentuating the prawns' natural sweetness. The fuzhou tofu, was also another stellar dish, even if its appearance might not be appetising. We also ordered the coffee spare ribs and shaoxing drunken chicken. What I didn't get to taste this time was the sambal kangkung, which I vowed to order next time.

Coffee spare ribs - $14.00
Marmite prawns - $20.80
Shaoxing drunken chicken - $14.00
Fuzhou tofu - $15.80

The great thing about the food was, unlike typical Chinese food, it was not at all oily. But like typical Chinese dining, it is about sharing, I recommend that you go with 3-4 friends, that way you get more variety of dishes. I also ordered the herbal drink to get the full Malaysian Chinese cuisine experience.

Hawker's Cuisine on Urbanspoon
Hawker's Cuisine
17/66 Roe St
Northbridge WA
Open 6 days 5pm-1am, closed Mondays

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