Wednesday, February 25, 2009

golden century salty egg bun

When I was in high school, my cousins and I collected our pocket money and decided to try out the fabled snow crab from a high class restaurant called Golden Century. This was such a luxury for five high school kids who, at that point, did not have enough money to buy one individually. We pooled our money and went to the restaurant the day before to pick our crab. If you can imagine, a 3kg snow crab can cost $200, depending on the season. So, we chose one not too big as we had to stay within our budget. I have to remind you again that we were a bunch of high school kids, $200 was a lot of money, especially during that time. Before the actual dinner, we constantly talked about the marvelousness of this crab, that when dinner came, I didn't think it lived up to any of our expectations. And because we didn't order anything else, I was still quite hungry after we finished.

I had never been back to this place, until recently when my sister took me for one of their dim sums. Every time I went past this place, it used to remind me of my foolishness, when I wasted so much money without getting any satisfaction in return. I was a bit apprehensive when my sister took me there, thinking the food was not going to be good. I was quite wrong.

The place itself is nothing special, unlike what I remembered. I suggest you do not sit near the aquariums, because it is not very well kept. Go when it's closer to 12pm. It will be more busy, but if you come too early in the morning, I find that the quality of the food is not very consistent.

All dishes - $4.00 to $6.00 per plate

Every dim sum / yam cha place has its speciality. This place, which now has become my favourite dim sum restaurant, has its melt-in-your-mouth tendons with freckles of sesame seeds, crispy & salty soft-shell crabs and salty egg buns. I am a huge (H-U-G-E) fan of the salty egg buns.

I find I have to be careful when I tackle this piece of heaven. The golden yellow salty egg oozes out as I try to break the bun or bite into it. In my impatience, I can never seem to avoid having a bit of hot liquid egg dripping down my hand. But, I can tell you, the scalding pain is worth every little bit. Although the name is salty egg bun, it's not just salty, the bun has this hint of sweetness that doesn't overwhelm. As I bit into it, the mixture of the egg's saltiness and the bun's sweetness melt together. There's no other word to describe it than simply perfect!

Golden Century Seafood Chinese on Urbanspoon
Golden Century
U1/191 James St
Northbridge WA
Open 7 days for dim sums 10.30am-3pm, for dinner 6pm-10pm

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