Tuesday, February 24, 2009

weather phenom

This afternoon, I opened the door of my room, only to be greeted with a sudden gust of warm air and dust. It took me by surprise, so I stepped back into my room and closed the door. Then, I thought to myself, "Yeah, smart move, what are you going to do now? You need to be at the airport two minutes ago, smartie pants" I had to walk to the nearest airport, no matter if there's wind, hail, or storm. So, I placed my sunnies snuggly on top of the bridge of my nose, reopened the sliding door, closed the door, locked it, started walking toward the general direction of the airport, all the while trying to cover my eyes and keep the dust out.

Then, a quarter of my way to the airport, little drops of rain started to come down furiously and a cloud of dust stirred around me. I could feel it on my arms, legs and face, like prickles of needles. When I tried to wipe the rain off my skin, I couldn't find any trace of moisture, not one single drop. The day was so hot and muggy that as soon as the speckles of water touched my skin, they evaporated instantly. Isn't that strange?

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