Sunday, February 15, 2009

fresh subi fruits & veg

What is a city without its own local farmers' market? A destination for people to source out the cheapest, freshest, in-season ingredients. These days where supermarkets are at every corner street, you would think we would not have any need for a farmers' market. And I don't dispute that the convenience factor is key. But, as I have found, mostly all 'fresh' produce in the supermarket have been stored in the refrigerated containers at the back of the store, away from our prying eyes. It may be days before they reach the display in the store. When I finally get my hands on it, I have merely 2-3 days to consume it.

A farmers' market is filled with ingredients direct from the producer. That, not only, reduces the price significantly. But you also get the best chance of having the freshest ingredients. It's also nice knowing more money is in the producers' pockets rather than giving it to a faceless corporate.

Making your way to the market may not be the most convenient, but I always make an outing out of it. Why not check out other stalls like the handmade jewelry stall or perhaps order a piece of fruit tart in one of the myriad cafés for you to choose from.

I have been to my fair share of farmers' market. Just to name a few, Waterloo, Ontario has its St Jacobs' Farmers Market. Adelaide, South Australia has its Central Market. And today I went to Subiaco Station Market in Subiaco, Western Australia. My mum bought bags and bags of fruits and vegetables, all of them fresh with vivid colours, enough to feed a whole battalion. We also bought cherries and mangos, as they are in season at the moment. It pays to do your research before going shopping, like I did. Not only did I get fruits at their best, most flavourful self, they tended to be the cheapest as well.

There are also other unique vegetables, such as the bitter melons. I can only describe a bitter melon as a type of vegetable that looks like this deformed, warty, unappealing-looking, light green cucumbers. I used to hate it when I was young because they are so bitter, but I gradually developed a taste for it. That is not to say they are my favourite vegetable, I just don't mind it as much now.

Subiaco Station Market
57 - 60 Station St
Subiaco WA
Open all day weekends and Monday public holidays

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