Thursday, June 25, 2009

geláre belgian waffle

I don't generally review franchise eatery, but rules are meant to be broken, especially for something as good as this. In all of my years of travel I have not encountered any other waffle that is better than that of Geláre's.

Geláre can be found in a few locations in Western Australia. Franchise eateries usually have varying degrees in their quality of food, depending on who owns the franchise. But not Geláre. I have, so far, found that their waffle and ice cream are of the same quality on all of their stores.

Regular belgian waffle with a scoop of cookies 'n cream (cream & syrup) - $7.40

My favourite is the regular waffle with cream and syrup, accompanied with a scoop of cookies 'n cream ice cream. The waffle, I find, is not too light, nor too dense. I have had waffles in other places that are too heavy or dense, I felt like I was eating bricks. But not Geláre's. And I don't know what it is about having cold chewy gelato with warm crispy waffles, it just works! It has been a decade since I first tasted my first waffle from this ice creamery, and I still can't find any other place that compares.

Geláre on Urbanspoon
Kiosk 023, Centro Galleria
Collier Rd & Walter Rd
Morley WA
Open Monday-Wednesday & Friday 9am-5.30pm, Thursday 9am-9pm, Saturday 9am-5pm

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