Saturday, July 25, 2009

menega grilled clams

Whenever I go to Bali, I never miss a visit to Jimbaran. They've got the best seafood in the island, set right on the beach. Sure the smoke from the grills drifted to the beach and choked the hell out of us. Sure the smoke stayed in our hair and clothes until we washed it off. But hey, it's part of the experience right?

We came in for an early dinner as the whole place usually ran out of fresh seafood later in the night. It was a beautiful afternoon, watching the sun setting while waiting for our order to come. This night we had dinner in Menega, a recommendation from a friend. Boy oh boy, am I glad I listened.

Grilled clams, grilled fish, sambal kangkung, grilled prawns

This place had the best grilled clams. It was the most perfectly done clams, just the right texture, with the most exquisite sauce. The sauce was what really won me over. It's a mildly sweet sauce, sort of like the Indonesian version of barbecue sauce. The other dishes were also marvellous, the grilled fish, the grilled prawns with the same delicate sauce. All orders come with sambal kangkung. My mouth waters just talking about it, yummm....

I don't really know how much the dinner costed as my new friend insisted on paying. But I know that this area serves up reasonably priced seafood. So fear not, go ahead and order to your heart's content.

Menega Café
Jimbaran Bay Seafood (JBS)
Jalan Four Seasons Hotel, Muaya Beach
Jimbaran BALI
Open 7 days for lunch & dinner until the seafood runs out

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