Wednesday, October 14, 2009

sizzle mania pepper steak

That night, winter was in its last vestiges. After we had a quick walk around the lake, we head out to dinner, with our appetites sorely in need of something monstrous to satisfy them. My sister decided we should try out this new restaurant. As none of us had better suggestion, off we went.

The concept of this restaurant is to bring a piece of beef steak or chicken to you, raw or semi-raw, on a hotplate and thus you see it cooking in front of you. It was served with the supposedly "special" butter.

I contemplated long and hard about giving this review, because the restaurant seems to be run by a young family, who probably needs all the help they can get at this current economic climate. But to be honest, after I finished my meal I felt like I could have done it myself much cheaper and more appetising. The special butter didn't give it a particularly distinct flavour to what is an already plain meal. The price did not match with what is on the plate.

Pepper steak - $12.90
Cut steak with egg - $10.90

The concept of having food cooked in front of you is not a new concept and I feel they could've taken it and done a bit more, there's just nothing special about it. My brother in law commented, "It was alright, not something worth coming back for, though". No truer words have been said.

Sizzlemania on Urbanspoon
Sizzle Mania
U1, 305 William St
Northbridge WA
(Opening hours unknown)

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