Friday, October 30, 2009

edo shiki sushi

In Perth, we only have two places (that I know of) where we can find the novelty of having sushi served on a conveyor belt, Jaws and Edo Shiki. Unfortunately both places serve pretty average sushi with Edo Shiki slightly inferior from Jaws.

Dishes - $3.00 to $4.50 per plate

There's not really a lot of variety with the kinds of sushi they serve in Edo Shiki (Jaws have more). The quality of the food was also quite average, the taste was forgettable. They tried to serve both dim sum and sushi in the same place, but I think they may have bitten more than they can chew because both are quite terrible.

Edo Shiki on Urbanspoon
Edo Shiki
Shop 17, 200 Murray St
Perth WA
Open Saturday-Thursday 10.30am-5pm, Friday 10.30am-8pm
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