Friday, March 26, 2010

japanese daikon chicken curry

I would usually cooked japanese chicken curry with carrots as the vegetable. But, a few days before I cooked the curry, I cooked my daikon chicken soup where I overestimated by buying two daikon roots, and used only one. So, I googled and found this site that recommended to use it in a curry.

I won't tell you how to cook japanese curry, because all I do is buy the instant curry roux and follow the instruction on the box. And when they tell you to add the vegetables, add the daikon, simmer until the daikon is soft. I normally use the House brand curry sauce (medium hot), but obviously you can use any curry sauce that you love.

I also added some potato cubes. Potatoes make the curry more substantial and the starch helps the curry sauce to thicken.

I was afraid that the daikon would be too overpowering. Because daikon can have a strong smell for someone who is not used to it. But the curry sauce really mellowed the flavour and smell out. What I didn't expect was that the daikon tasted really sweet. I loved it so much that I promised myself to use daikon the next time I cook curry.

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