Tuesday, March 30, 2010

penrose fish & chips

My husband has searched far and wide for great tasting fish and chips in Ontario, but he has not found any that compared to the Australian fish and chips. I thought I might help him find one and suggested the Penrose fish and chips.

The shop was small and quaint. It's the type of shop that has been in the neighbourhood forever, owned by the family from one generation to the next. The wall was covered with pictures of the area in the 1940s, there was old newspaper clippings and fishing paraphernalia. The proprietor was courteous and efficient.

All that quaintness and niceness, however, cannot compensate the fact that the fish and chips was sub-par. It was not that the fish was not fresh, because I think it was. It was the oil. I think they've used it too many times or that they didn't have good control of the oil temperature, which made the fish and chips taste like burnt oil. I was very disappointed. We promised oursleves to give them one more try, hoping that this was just a one time thing.

Halibut & Chips - $9.50
Dad's Root Beer - $1.75

Penrose Fish & Chips on Urbanspoon
Penrose Fish & Chips
600 Mount Pleasant Rd
Toronto ON
Open Tuesday-Friday 11am-7pm, Saturday 11am-6.30pm
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