Tuesday, June 22, 2010

wild wing maverick combo

The Wild Wing restaurant was more like a sports bar than a restaurant. On the walls were LCD TVs tuned in to various types of sport. It was overrun by college kids type. From its name, I was imagining an over-the-top cowboy theme. But, although there were a few pictures here and there in that flavour, it was not too overboard.

Myself, my husband and a friend went there for dinner. I suggested the Maverick combo, a set of 50 pieces of chicken wings in 3 different seasonings. These two guys almost chickened out though, pardon the pun, they thought 50 pieces were too many. Lucky I didn't let them deter me.

I got myself the Honey Garlic & BBQ, my husband got the Dry Cajun and I think Timo got the Ring of Fire. We also ordered a side of Original Fries.

Original Fries - $4.99

Each one of us tried each other's wings, but ultimately we liked what we picked for ourselves best. The Dry Cajun to me was too dry. The Ring of Fire, which was supposed to be super spicy indicated with six (yes, six!) flaming flames, was only midly so. It had similar flavour to my Honey Garlic & BBQ but didn't have the sweetness of the honey.

Maverick combo - $49.99
(From left to right) Honey Garlic & BBQ, Ring of Fire, and Dry Cajun

My husband didn't like mine because it was too sweet for him. And Timo liked his spicy, even if it was just mildly so. But we all agreed that the fries could have been better, crispier. As far as the wings go though, there were almost 100 different flavours / seasonings, so chances are you'll be able to find what you like.

Wild Wing on Urbanspoon
Wild Wing
5606 Tenth Line West
Mississauga, ON
Open 7 days 11am-midnight

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