Tuesday, October 12, 2010

hawker's cuisine sambal kang kong

I have actually blogged about Hawker’s Cuisine before. But since it was early last year and it was when I was still using my old format, with the claustrophobic 4-picture-in-a-frame photo, I feel like a brand new post is warranted.

I have been to Hawker’s Cuisine a few times since then and I haven’t been disappointed with the food yet. The service, on the other hand, is another matter. When you get a nice waitperson like I had this time, you’ll have the best service. But, when you get a rude one, well, I would just say to myself, I’m here for the food. Such are Chinese restaurants, you have to take the good with the bad.As with typical non-high-end Chinese restaurants, the décor was an afterthought. A few lanterns here, Chinese paintings there, an aquarium, bright orangey-yellow chairs, bright colour wall and presto. It’s definitely not a first date kind of restaurant, it’s more like a 30th date sort of place.

As the food is the star here, let’s talk more about it. I am not going to go on and on about it too much as I’ve already written a blog about this place already. So, what I’ll do is a one-liner description only.We had 7 people including myself this time around, so we got to order more dishes than for the last blog post I did of the place. If you compare the prices of the dishes to last year’s, you’ll find that the dishes are still priced the same. To me, that’s a really good sign, it means that they have enough customers to be profitable, so they don’t need to keep jacking the prices up.The golden prawns (without shell) had a hint of crunchiness on the outside, but mostly I love the saltiness from the salted egg yolk.

Golden prawns (without shell) - $20.80

Marmite chicken (or marmite anything else) is a must-order dish for a reason, the combination of salty and sweet gets the tastebuds going.

Marmite chicken - $14

I'm not sure who it was who told me that bean sprouts enhances fertility, but everytime I have them, this funny little info would be at the back of my mind. This particular dish was accompanied with dried salted fish.

Salted fish bean sprout - $12.80

After all this time, I still enjoy the subtle coffee-flavoured sauce that the deep fried pork ribs are coated in.

Coffee spare ribs - $14

I didn’t get to try the sambal kang kong on my last post, so I made sure this time I did and it was beautifully crunchy and mildly spicy (but not spicy enough in my opinion).

Sambal kang kong - $12.80

Another dish I still love is the delightfully silky Fuzhou tofu that literally melted in my mouth. It was accompanied with minced pork in preserved radish sauce, which weren’t bad either.

Fuzhou tofu - $ 15.80

Hawker's Cuisine on Urbanspoon
Hawker's Cuisine
17/66 Roe St
Northbridge WA
Open 6 days 5pm-1am, closed Mondays
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