Sunday, November 7, 2010

halloween feast

I think the interweb is human's single greatest invention of the 20th century. Take this example. I was invited to a Halloween party yesterday (yes, it was a belated one) and the recipes for all the creepy delicacies that were served to us were obtained from the internet.

Just imagine what we would do without it. I suppose we'd probably have to go to the library and borrow a recipe book specifically on Halloween snacks. First of all, how many books exist that are that specific? There's probably quite a few, but how many of those would be available in your local library? Good chance that they're all going to be booked out months in advance.

So, there it is. Internet, I love you. I cannot fathom life without you.

The hosts of the party, Tom & Fran, did an absolutely fantastic job decorating the place. Jack-o'-lanterns, mini graveyards, goblins, laughing skeletons, headless mannequin were some of the things that I can remember scattered about the apartment.

For starters, we were served with apple punch with the requisite dry ice for effect. For the fainthearted, there was Coke Zero and beer.

Fran did a lot of cooking. There was so much food that none of us can ever hope to finish. Bravo, Fran!

Dr. Frankenstein's brain
(sour jelly pudding)

Creepy cookies
(vanilla cookies with icing)

Witches' fingers
(cookies with almond fingernails)

Grizzly ghosties
(meringue with icing)

There were also these chicken wings marketed to us as bat's wings! Pretty clever, don't you think?


  1. Those freaky food looks way too awesome!!! I love it! I wouldn't dare eating the brain... >_<

  2. Won't be halloween if you wouldn't dare... ^_^


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