Sunday, March 17, 2013

a hong kong interlude

Walking up and down the small streets not far off busy Nathan Road, I was pelted with icy rain from all directions. I was not dressed for the weather, on my feet were a pair of flimsy flats that quickly absorbed the muddy water. The pair of jeans I wore was slightly longer and was dragging on said muddy water. I repeat, I was not dressed for the weather.

I was meeting an old friend in Hong Kong. We were to meet at a ramen place for a fulfilling and warming lunch, but I was early and he was running late - understandably so for a person who's working for the family business. In the mean time, I have to get away from this cold, stat.

I managed to while away a bit of time in one of the seemingly hundreds of shopping centre in Tsim Sha Tsui, I picked one off the road, one that is not too busy. But the shops are mostly not yet open, I wouldn't be able to shop anyway, my stomach has not been filled since my flight touched down in Hong Kong for transit this morning. When there was a bit of a break with the rain, I went outside and saw a small restaurant in the corner of my eye.

The bright lights invited me to come closer, as I approached the warmth of the heater pulled me in. Inside, at one table were two old chums eating and chatting, at another three grandpas leisurely catching up on old times, two travellers were popping by for a noodle and spam toast before catching a bus to the airport, at the cashier a goth was waiting for some noodle soup for takeaway.

I was convinced. I wasn't looking for anything hip at the moment, just something to fill my belly and some place to shelter my body for a while, and if it happens to be a local favourite, then it's a bonus.

The three ladies who simultaneously took my menu, prepared ingredients and served my food seem to be all related. They can't speak a word of english, but were polite and friendly. This wasn't a problem as the menu was made Tsim Sha Tsui tourist friendly - in english with pictures. When I saw the beef sinew noodle, I pointed to it and gestured a number "1".

I love beef sinew (or beef tendons). In Indonesia, we call them kikil. Some people like them because of their low calorie, but why I love them is its gelatinous-ness, its melt-in-the-mouth feeling. But of course, I needed some carbs, fortunately the tendons are accompanied with some noodle all for the price of HK$31. And that noodle was al-dente and filling. What I didn't love was the sauce, too much of it and too salty.

My belly was full, I'm satisfied. The only trouble now, I'm still quite a few minutes away from my catch-up.

1A Hanoi Rd (next to 7-eleven)
Tsim Sha Tsui KOWLOON
Open 7 days 7am-11am, 12pm-6pm
location on google maps
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