Friday, September 27, 2013

stock market, for the soul

We're at Granville Island. It's been a torture of a day.

But we press on. Torturing ourselves.

When we couldn't take much more, we went for another nibble.

Smoked wild salmon chowder - $6 (small)
The long lines at the Stock Market told me they must have some good stuff. Plus it's been a cold dreary day.

When are we going to get another chance at chowing down some smoked wild salmon chowder in Canada? And I'm pleased to say, that the chowder was ridiculously good. Its creaminess -- achieved without the use of dairy or gluten -- I think may have come from the potatoes, buckwheat and yellow split peas.

The soup's thickness was cut through by the freshness of the chopped dill. And the slivers of salmon added little bursts of smokeyness in between the warmth. The small piece of foccacia that came with the soup did a good job absorbing the goodness.

This chowder was so good, I've since attempted to re-create it. In all the many variations I've made, I came close, but not enough.

But maybe that's for the best.

Stock Market on Urbanspoon 

Stock Market
Granville Island
1689 Johnston St, Ste 147
Open 7 days 8am-7pm
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